powerful video converter and DVD Ripper software: How to Convert DVD to Video or Audio Files: AVI, WMV, MP4, FLV, MPEG, MP3,etc

How to Convert DVD to Video or Audio Files: AVI, WMV, MP4, FLV, MPEG, MP3,etc

This article contains lots of useful information: How to rip DVD, How to convert dvd to avi, dvd to mp4, dvd to 3gp, dvd to mpeg, dvd to flv, dvd to wmv, dvd to mp3, dvd to iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, Creative Zen, Sansa and many other portable players.

With the development of technology, we were gradually liberated from chains of watching movies on a portable DVD player with lots of DVD discs bringing out. Now we have more options to enjoy our favorite movies. However we need to convert DVD movies to different video or audio format when we enjoy it in a different way. Now I will introduce you good ways to convert DVD movies to all the popular video and audio formats in high quality at fast speed, then you can enjoy your movies more convenient.
Part1: how to use DVD Ripper to convert and edit your video?
Part2: how to convert DVD movies to iPod, iPhone, Zune, mobile phone and other portable players?
Part 3: how to convert DVD movies into Windows Movie Maker?
Part 4: how to copy DVD movies to your pc?

Part 1: how to use DVD Ripper to convert and edit your video?
To convert and edit your video, you need a useful software. For me, I prefer to use Nidesoft DVD Ripper to do it.
Step 1: you may download the Nidesoft DVD Ripper and load DVD movies first.
a. Download and install the Nidesoft DVD Ripper by the link:
download dvd ripper
and you can get more information about it here:
Nidesoft DVD Ripper
b. Insert the DVD disc into the DVD Drive
c. Click the Open DVD button, browse your computer, find the DVD folder of the movie and open it. (This DVD Ripper can rip copyright protected DVD movies, but you should remember that it’s illegal to rip DVD for any business purposes).

After add your movie, you can click any title or chapter to preview it in the preview window on the right. Then you can choose any titles or chapters you want to convert by click the check boxes before them. In this way, you can choose to convert DVD with the entire movie or just convert one or several chapters.

Step 2: you may customize the output video with its full functions.
Audio Track: Select an audio track from the available audio tracks of your DVD movie.
Subtitle: Common DVD movies have several subtitles such as English, Chinese, French, etc. You can choose one language you prefer or select “None” to delete subtitle.
Profile: Click the button and show the list of profiles, you can select the profiles you want. For example, if you want to convert your DVD movies to YouTube, just select “YouTube video (*.flv)”

Settings: If you want to customize the output video’s quality, you can click the settings button to open the settings window and set video resolution, video bitrate, audio channels, audio bitrate.
Destination: Click the browse button and select a location on your computer for the output video files.
Step 3: you could edit your file to make your perfect video:
Merge: A regular DVD movie has several chapters; you can convert several chapters into one by click the blank box before “merge into one file”. Click the check box before any chapter you want and merge them into one file.
Crop: you can cut off the black edges of the DVD movie to watch in full screen by click the crop button. A window will be opened and you can customize the size of screen by your will.

Effect: Click the Effect button you can set special effect including gray effect and negative effect. You can also set the brightness, contrast, saturation and volume.

Trim: as you have selected the clips to convert, you can trim any segment of the clips by clicking the trim button. You can move the slide below the screen or set the start time and end time to trim any segment and the blue line will be the captured parts.

Step 4: now you can start your conversion.
After the settings finished, you can just click the convert button to start your conversion. You can view the conversion speed at the bottom. The conversion will be completed in few minutes.

Part2: how to convert DVD movies to iPod, iPhone, Zune, mobile phone and other portable players?
You can convert your DVD movies to your portable players with Nidesoft DVD Ripper then you can enjoy your videos and songs anytime and anywhere.
You may use the way listed above to rip your favorite movies to your players.
Note: when ripping DVDs you may confused about the output format. Different format can be used in different way. You could choose your profile according to your portable player. Now I will list some for you as reference.
IPod and iPhone support MP4 format.
Zune support WMV and MP4 formats.
PSP supports MP4 format.
Mobile phone support 3GP and 3G2 formats.
IRiver supports AVI and WMV formats.
Walkman support MP4 format.
Creative Zen Player support AVI format.
Archos Player support AVI format.
Xbox support WMV format.
Dell Player support WMV format.
HP iPAQ support WMV format.
YouTube website supports flv format.

Part 3: How to put DVD movies into Windows Movie Maker
You may want to edit your video with Windows Movie Maker before use it. To put a DVD movie into Windows Movie Maker, you have to rip your DVD to WMV or AVI video first, and then you can load it into Windows Movie Maker.
Step 1: use the way in part 1 to rip your DVD movies to WMV or AVI format.

Step 2: edit video with Windows Movie Maker
Run Windows Movie Maker, in the “Movie Task” bar, click “Add Video” to browse your computer and located the converted files, and then you can start to make personal movies.

Note: Many users may confused how they can convert Windows Movie Maker file (*.MSWMM) to other video format. Actually, A MSWMM file is not a video file. It is a project file of Movie Maker that you may edit your video with it next time. It can’t be used as a video file. To convert MSWMM file to WMV file, you have to open this file in Windows Movie Maker and save the movie to your computer: Go to Movie Tasks bar > Finish Movie > Save to my computer. After that you will have a WMV file that can be used.

Part 4: how to copy DVD movies to your pc?
Most DVD movies are protected and you can’t directly copy it to your computer. But you could choose to use Nidesoft DVD Ripper to do it.
Use the way in part 1, but pay attention to the profile. You should click “Lossless DVD copy (*.vob)” when select the profile.


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